Cancellation and Retention Services

Save more members and grow revenue!

Stop losing members and revenue by trying to handle cancellations in your clubs

Cancellations request are a constant for clubs and they require a significant amount of staff time to process correctly.  Trying to respond to all the cancelation request coming in from phone calls, emails, and in person is tall order for staff who are also focused on the existing member experience and signing up new ones.  All too often staff quickly run through the process and miss the opportunity to retain the member or collect any outstanding balances.

With First Credit Services Cancellation and Retention Services, you can divert all cancellation request to our club branded Member Experience Center. Our Member Experience team will properly handle all request, exhausting all efforts to retain the member and collect any outstanding balances.

  • Centrallized branded engagement center to handle all cancellation request
  • Outbound phone calls to all email request attempting to save the membership
  • A dedicated team of professional cancellation experts representing your brand
  • Customizable messaging and retention offerings

"We have cultivated a strong relationship with First Credit Services over the years. They are our preferred collections partner and have upheld the reputation of our brand working seamlessly with existing and new Franchise operators. FCS has a compliant collection process, they treat our members with respect and engage with our members in a manner that drives retention in this highly competitive market."

COO - National Fitness Brand

"First Credit takes over the difficult task of communicating and working with delinquent patients. Their integration with our billing platform has streamlined the entire process taking the stress off our lab managers. FCS enables our operating teams to focus on what’s important, providing great service for our patients."

CFO - Clinical Laboratory Company

"FCS’ failed payment recovery service is a no brainer for our business. They’ve helped us recover over 70% of our failed payments each month."

VP of Membership - Coffee Subscription Company


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