Welcome to
First Credit Services

Congratulations on taking the steps to reduce your bad debt and collect more revenue. This page will provide you with all the information needed to get started. Take your time to explore and feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you for choosing First Credit Services and we look forward to working with you

Getting Started

Signing up with First Credit Services is just the start. This video goes over what you need to know to get started with FCS and how our process works. You’ll get a high level overview on our process to collect on your account, how we handle disputes, our credit reporting policy, and when you get paid.

#1 Take Away from Getting Started – Make sure you get your first batch of bad debt accounts placed with us.

Placing Accounts

Placing accounts with us is the #1 priority to getting started. This video goes over the different ways to place accounts with us. You have two options when placing accounts 1) Manually Place or 2) When applicable, set up automatic data transfer between your billing software and FCS.

When placing manually, your data will need to fit within our industry specific templates. If you have not recieved a data template, you can request one from support at support@fcsbpo.com.

Manual placements can be sent placementsgroup@fcsbpo.com


Navigate Reporting Portal

FCS grants clients 24 hour access to their accounts through our online reporting portal called Navigate. Navigate allows users the ability to look up individual accounts to see where we stand with them and download multiple reports summarizing collection activities over a period of time.

Below you can find a list of reports available in Navigate and a brief description of what data they go over. Please watch the Navigate Video on how to use the reporting portal.

Report listing

Account Status Report (CLNTSTAT)

This report displays all active inventory placed with our agency. This will only include accounts that we are currently pursuing in collections. It will not include any accounts that have already been closed/returned for any reason including being “paid in full”, “settled in full”, “recalled”, etc.)


This report goes over the amount placed each month and the total dollars collected each month. The total dollars collected each month has no direct relationship with the number placed in the same month. It’s the total collected that month from all accounts placed.

Monthly Spindown Report (SPINDOWN)

This report breaks out the dollars and percentage collected over time for the accounts placed each month. This gives the full liquidity picture for each batch/month’s of accounts you submitted to FCS.

Collection Summary (COLLSUMM or PrintSum)

This report shows how many accounts you have placed in a specific month and the total dollar amount of the accounts that you have placed. Different from the history analysis, this report shows the total collections for the current month as opposed to the total collected from a specific batch of accounts.

Detailed Client Analysis (DETAIL)

This report provides similar information that is available within the history analysis report, but includes returned accounts.